To All Who Come to This Happy Place

Welcome to my little corner of the world! My name is Amy Fanghella, and I am a junior at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I am a Business Administration major, concentrating specifically in Marketing, and I plan to graduate in the Spring of 2017.

Having this incredible opportunity to spend four years learning about the world, others, and myself in one of our country’s most historically rich towns has been nothing short of magical … It is just one of the many chapters that make up my unique story. And you have the opportunity to delve deeper into the details simply by exploring my site!

For instance, you can find various aspects of both my past and present coursework under the “Education” tab; I am currently in the process of developing a travel website catered specifically to UMW students for Principles of Marketing. I encourage you to additionally explore the other tabs to find out about my work as a tutor in the Digital Knowledge Center, my fervor for fighting pediatric cancer in conjunction with the nationally renowned organization Love Your Melon, and much more!

So happy exploring, and thank you kindly for becoming part of my story! I look forward to seeing where in life our chapters may cross.